Friday, April 24, 2009

Lopez! (Not to be confused with the one from Kids in the Hall.)

On May 8th, I'm going to see National Book Award winner (and Oregon literary legend) Barry Lopez read at The Hult Center here in Eugene. It's for a good cause too -- the McKenzie River Trust -- which I confess I don't know much about, but if it's an Oregon cause, it probably has something to do with helping the environment.

But never mind that, people, it's Barry freakin' Lopez! Author of Arctic Dreams and Of Wolves and Men. He's a brilliant writer, he and his wife once raised a wolf hybrid, and he's helped cut out the heart of a narwhal. (With biologists, of course, in the name of science.) Need I say more?

I'll pass along any clandestine pictures and/or locks of his snow-white magesterial beard. In the meantime, you can check out his pouty visage here.

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