Saturday, April 4, 2009

I (Kind of) Get Political

The Minnesota Review, edited by Jeffrey J. Williams, has long been known as a politically-charged literary journal. Operating out of Carnegie Mellon University, TMR specializes in fiction, poetry, interviews, book reviews, and critical theory with all manner of cultural loose canon philosophers and writers.

And now I'm in their company!

My story "Hibernators" -- about a couple who decides to live underground -- is featured in The Minnesota Review, Issue 71-72, out now in bookstores. Link to follow...
Obviously I'm fond of all my stories that I haven't shredded, burned, or deleted, but I admit to being quite partial to this one. Even a year after writing it, I'm still pretty darn proud of it. Plus it doesn't hurt to have my work included among pieces about Geopolitical Translators, Pack Consciousness, and Studs Terkel.
Hmm... maybe someone made a mistake?? ;)

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