Saturday, July 21, 2012

Three Great Writers You Should Be Reading Right Now

Author Victoria Johnson recently published her own letter to herself at sixteen, A Life Without Pictures, which you can read here. I loved participating in this series with writers Harrison Solow, Signe Pike, Thaisa Frank, and many more. Victoria's piece is the series finale, but the series itself doesn't seem to want to end.

"What advice would you give to your sixteen year old self?"

Three brave and brilliant writers answered the question: Chris Clarke, author of Walking With Zeke, wrote this godawful gorgeous response.

Jessamyn Smyth, quadruple-threat writer and editor of poetry, prose, short fiction, plays (and more!) wrote this piece, Skinless. Read it and be gut punched, awed, electrified.

 Last but not least, Dale Favier and Glimmer. God, this will break your heart. Dale is the author of two collections of poetry that you'll want to buy after reading this, Opening the World and Not Coming Back.

If you want great writing, gobble up everything you can by Chris, Jessamyn, and Dale. Track down their stories, books, and blogs. I promise you this: Theirs is the kind of writing that makes you want to leap up and run around the block three times.