Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ohio State University Prize in Short Fiction

Delighted to announce that my short story collection, Hibernate, won the 2013 Ohio State University Prize in Short Fiction!  

Hibernate: Stories will be published by OSU Press in 2014.

About the book:

In this collection of stories -- winner of the 2013 Ohio State University Prize for Short Fiction and finalist for the 2011 Flannery O'Connor Award in Short Fiction -- characters slowly wake to hard choices. A Sudanese immigrant tries to start a life with his girlfriend in the United States, only to find himself pulled toward his mother's past. A group of American tourists visits an Indian Pueblo and realizes their tour guide isn't at all who they expected. Their ship moored on the ice, a captain and his men cling to the company of narwhals and Eskimos. Published separately in numerous literary journals, these stories form a dazzling landscape of the strange and joyful.


  1. Congrats Liz! (I know, I should be working on my final instead of surfing blogs...) Looking forward to seeing this in print!

    1. Thanks, Donna! Now back to the final... ;-)