Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bone Worship Reviewed in Library Journal

Bone Worship just got a really nice review from Library Journal! Here's an excerpt:

“First-time novelist Eslami gives us the perfectly titled story of Jasmine Fahroodi, an aimless college dropout seeking direction in her life… Her discovery of what she feels passionate about is compelling and authentic. Another thread in the story is her Iranian father's determination to arrange a marriage for her. While it's a bit puzzling why a man who rejected his homeland and family and married a very American wife would seek such a traditional solution for his daughter, the resolution of this story line is immensely satisfying. The novel is full of wonderfully drawn characters, especially Jasmine's awkward, gruff father. And there are some lovely stories about the father's childhood… VERDICT This debut's real strength lies in its treatment of the Fahroodi family's complex relationships and of Jasmine's journey into womanhood. Recommended for readers who enjoy immigrant family dramas, such as Monica Ali's Brick Lane and Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake.”—Evelyn Beck, Library Journal

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