Saturday, August 8, 2009

Don't get too close.

Just back from a wonderful trip to Germany and Switzerland. We're still marvelling at all the European quirks, including but not limited to: twin beds pushed together for married couples, two hour meals, all-purpose shampoo/hand soap/body wash, mannequins with nipples, tiny cars driving on sidewalks, aggressive shopping, pay toilets, a paucity of washcloths, dogs in restaurants, pink jeans for men, a paucity of bras, an open appreciation of writers and artists demonstrated on currency and in the naming of streets, and lots and lots of fashionably dressed people engaged in gratuitous PDA. But hey, if you look that good, why not?

From Frankfurt to Zurich and everywhere in between, we saw things beautiful, magical, and just plain strange. Perhaps nothing more so (on the disturbing end) than the clown featured above. Yes, he's real, though he pretended to be animatronic, getting his jollies by grabbing young children as they walked by. And they actually seemed to enjoy this. Go figure. I thought he was just about as terrifying as The King from the Burger King commercials who assaults you in your sleep.

Vielen Dank, Constance. For everything and a good jolt.

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