Friday, July 3, 2009

From the Road

Scenes from gorgeous Yachats, OR - official location of my Badger's special 30th birthday trip. A fresh water river meets the Pacific, a view from the top of Cape Perpetua, and yours truly getting blown around at the Devil's Churn. (No devils sighted, but lots of churning water!)

Meanwhile I'm blogging from a hotel in Burns, OR, at the beginning of a long journey across the country. We're Southward bound, but I must say the true pleasure of a trip like this is driving out of the verdant green of the Willamette Valley, past the Blue and McKenzie rivers, out into the desert of Western Oregon. Sagebrush land. We could smell it immediately, bringing back memories of Montana. Plus, the big, black pooch gets pretty darn excited in this kind of terrain. Excellent rabbit chasing and all.


  1. Are you coming to SC??

  2. Yay...I can post comments now... go me.